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Big Fish Design

Hi, I’m a Freelance graphic designer in Fairfax County, Virginia. It’s nice to meet you.

I work with large and small businesses who want high-quality design while enjoying a collaborative, and human relationship.


Brian Adams, AKA “Big Fish”


When you work with me, you will get a partner who can handle all of your creative needs, big or small, who will go the extra mile to be a team player and make your job easier. I strive to achieve my clients’ objectives, and exceed their expectations.


Why hire a freelancer?

With close collaboration, I function less like an outside vendor and more like an extension of your in-house team. I have extensive experience providing a remote service to clients all over the country, and have built a reputation for producing high-quality professional work in a timely and budget-friendly manner.

By working with a freelance graphic designer like myself, not only will you save money, but by working directly with me, you will also save time. You and I will be communicating and working alongside each other with no middleman. When we work on a project together, it gets completed quicker and more efficiently.

Design estimates, fishing reports, and unsolicited advice: FREE of charge!

What size cape do you wear?

Take your ideas to the next level and become the hero of your company.

People always get excited when a new brochure or poster is unveiled at the monthly meeting. It’s tangible, it makes a statement, and coworkers rally behind the product — unless it’s no good. Go into your next meeting with confidence, knowing that the product we made together is going to knock their socks off — and maybe even get you that raise!